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My Story

As a wife, mom and grandmother, I wear many hats. Yet, something happened once I turned 50. It was as if someone had washed the lens of my inner eyes and I began to see things differently.

I’ve spent years on this personal growth journey, yet there were still areas of my life that I had not attended to. I had somehow disowned some parts and given away other parts of my life. But as I entered into my fifties, I simply was not having it any longer.

There was this new found boldness and courage I had that gave me permission to say “No” to others and “Yes” to myself.  I didn’t mind if others were upset with my answers. I was now Awakened to my Truth. Now what was I going to do with this Awakened Beauty staring back at me in the mirror? A question that most boomer women are asking themselves.

There were still dreams and visions that I wanted to fulfill. Yet, every where I looked the business leaders were teaching how to “Grind” or be a “Boss. Grinding sounded too much like hard work. I’d work hard most of my life. I started working when I was fourteen and I have ran my own business for almost 34 years. Why in the hell do I want to wait until I am in my fifties to “grind?”  Then I got to be a Boss? Heck I was the boss when I was changing diapers, mixing formulas, driving to little league and dance practice, cooking, paying bills and being sexy all at the same time. Don’t mind me, but I ain’t trying to be a Boss. You read it correctly, “Ain’t.”  Ah, ha, I’m a southern girl.


Our Mission

So how do we go after our dreams without grinding or being a Boss? How do we slow it down, spend more time doing the things we love with the people we love, yet, still make time to do meaningful, purposeful work?  It’s what most  of us women over 50 want to know. What is my next chapter? How does that look? How do I make it count? Until now, this has been an invisible road of many of us.

But I believe we’ve found the answer:  “Do Less and Be More.” This is an invitation for you to join me and countless Awakened Beauties from around the world as we embark upon our Invisible Roads together. We will do this by “Doing Less and Being More.” As seasoned women, we realize that we have more yesterdays than to tomorrows. We also recognize that we still have a lot of life to live. We want our tomorrows filled with more life, more meaning, more laughter and more love. Welcome to The Rise of An Awakened Beauty. Where we Do Less and Be More.

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