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My Story

As a wife, mom and grandmother, I’ve worn many hats. Yet, something happened once I turned 50. It was as if someone peeled the covers off my eyes and I began to see things differently. I’d spent years on my personal growth journey, yet there were still areas of my life that I had disowned or given away to others.  As I entered my fifties, I simply was not having it any longer. This new found boldness and courage gave me permission to say “No” to others and “Yes” to myself. I had Awakened to my Truth.

I had more dreams that I still wanted to fulfill. But everywhere I looked they were saying I needed to “Grind” and become a “Boss Lady.” Their meaning of grinding was to work hard. I’d work hard most of my life and ran my own business for 34 years. Why in the hell do I want to “grind at my age?  And they want me to be a Boss Lady too? Heck I was the a Boss Lady when I was changing diapers, mixing formulas, driving to little league practice, cooking and  paying bills. Don’t mind me, I’m not trying to be a Boss Lady again.

Our Mission

At our age, how do we pursue our dreams without grinding or being a Boss Lady? How do we slow it down, spend more time doing the things we love with the people we love, yet, still do meaningful, purposeful work?  This is what most women over 50 want to know. What is my next chapter? What does that look like? Until now, for many of us, this has been an undefined, unnamed and unmarked road.

I believe I’ve found the answer. It’s called, Your Awakened LifeA Life and Career That Matters.  One with more meaning, more mastery, more money and more magic. It’s A Life Reimagined! This is an invitation for you to join me and other women, 50 and over, as we embark upon our Invisible Roads to an amazing Awakened Life by “Doing Less and Being More.”  On this road, you will learn the key principles to creating a life and career that matters. Welcome to The Rise of An Awakened Beauty.

About Angela Carr Patterson

Angela Carr Patterson is the CEO and President of Oasis Promotions, LLC, a Personal and Professional Development Company. Angela is a speaker, author, tv/radio host, documentarian, Global Life/Success Strategist, Founder of the Fatherless Daughters Network and The Awakened Beauty Movement.

A much sought after and highly magnetic speaker, Angela has graced numerous national stages and international platforms.  Recognized for her trademark message, “Awaken Your Truth,” Angela uses humor, mixed with wisdom and insight, to help women awaken to the truth of who they really are, actualize the power of self love, and unleash their greatest potential to shine in the world. Learn more about Angela at www.angelacarrpatterson.com.

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