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“The Birth, The Emergence and The Rise of An Awakened Beauty”

Welcome Awakened Beauty!

One day you looked up and your life was not what you hoped it would be at this stage of the game. You spent most of your life working towards the day that you turned 50, 60 or 70. You had dreams of living life on your own terms.  Yet, your life has become filled with events you couldn’t have predicted that is forcing you to travel down roads for which you have no map. Just like countless other boomer women, you are now embarking upon an invisible road in search of clarity for something that you have yet to define. Many have wanted to call it a Mid-Life Crisis. Because don’t appear to be your old self anymore. You seem to be acting strange for some reason. You’re not the same. Something has happened profoundly deep within you. We want you to know that it’s okay. You’re not alone. Many baby boomer women are starting to feel this way. You’re not having a mid-life crisis. What you’re having is An Awakening. You’re starting to reassess your life and dig deeper. This is your Birthing, Emergence and Rise of an Awakened Beauty.


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Become a member of our Private Online Facebook Community where you and other boomer women can connect, share and grow. Each day, we gather in this community to share empowering tools for living an Awakened Life. You will meet some amazing women who will love and support you on your journey. Membership is Free, but the benefits are priceless.

It’s Time to Do Less. Be More.

As  a seasoned women, you are on a mysterious and life transforming journey. It appears that you’re on a road that’s undefined and unnamed. Yet, something deep within you tells you that it’s the right road for this moment in your life. Even when others say differently.   But you know that this time, you must follow your own instinct.

Each time you ask yourself, “Where am I going?” you swerve off in yet another unexpected direction. But you’re not lost. Would you believe me if I told you that what’s ahead of you is your true destination and it’s waiting for your arrival.  Welcome to Your Awakened Life.


  • You are ready to Awaken your life to something new and magnificent.
  • You are ready for some Love, Laughter and Life Fulfilled!
  • You want to lend your voice and your wisdom to help create transformation in today’s world.
  • You want to spend time with who you want, doing what you want, and when you want.


In Other Words, You Are Ready for:

Something Meaningful to Do.  Something Exciting to Look Forward To.

If this is you, then you are ready for our Awakened Beauty Exclusive VIP Membership.

Our VIP Exclusive Membership

The VIP Awakened Beauty Membership is a community of women age 50 and over who are ready to reassess their lives and dig deeper. You are ready to embark upon a journey that will lead you to your true destination of more joy, love, peace. You will earn how to gain access to your next level by Doing Less and Being More!

This membership includes:

  • Monthly VIP Members Only Facebook Live Trainings & Coaching w/ Angela Carr Patterson.
  • Fun Travel, Trips and Adventures.
  • Special Live Events and Workshops.
  • Master Key Principles to Living The Awakened Life

This is no “run of the mill” program. It’s a life transformative, learning, growing and exciting experience.


“Life is a Mystery That You Unfold Through Mastery.”

Angela Carr Patterson

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This is an unique opportunity to live your life in a manner that’s in alignment with who you are as An Awakened Woman.  It’s time to bring more meaning, more purpose, more joy and more adventure into your life. This is going to be good. Join today.

“There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who has Awakened unto the truth of who she is and what’s possible for her life.”–Angela Carr Patterson