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 “Create a Life and Career That Matters and Awaken to Infinite Possibilities”

Awaken Your Truth

Rediscover the parts of you that have been buried or forgotten.

Deepen Your Purpose

Reclaim the life you were meant to live.

Create Your Legacy

Redirect towards your true destination.

“Deep within you, something has been shifting so subtly, so slowing that it has been virtually imperceptible, until now.”

A Life Reimagined!

What if that which you’ve been calling a “crisis” or a time of great confusion, pain or discomfort is actually something else? What if there is something here for you to do other than endure, survive, resist or suffer? What if this place in which you find yourself is not a roadblock, but actually a doorway, a turning point, a rebirthing…an AWAKENING?

  • When what you thought you knew to be certain, now appears uncertain… 96%
  • You’ve been living someone else’s idea of how you were supposed to live your life… 96%
  • One day you look up and suddenly everything has changed… 98%
  • Your dreams are calling and reminding you of how badly you want what’s yours… 96%

Awaken Your Life

There comes a time in our lives when we start to feel uncomfortable enough to ask questions in an attempt to relieve ourselves of our pain. We do this regardless of how frightened we are of the answers we may discover. That’s because we can no longer pretend that things don’t feel awful. We can no longer act as if our lives are perfect.  We can no longer be so attached to the road that we’re on, to the itinerary that we mapped out, that when the new road appears, you miss it.

You’re starting to sense that there’s something more for your life. Another level you must go. You believe somewhere deep within your heart that you are here to make a greater impact. Not just in the lives of others, but for yourself as well.  Yet, you find yourself stuck.  You’re stuck between knowing and unknowing. And you’re starting to ask yourself, “How in the heck did I end up here and what can I do the change it?” These are the questions you must ask and I want to help you find the answers.

Meaning, Mastery & Magic!

More Meaning...

One day you looked up and your life was not what you’d hope it would be. We will take you deeper into the aspect of yourself within that knows exactly what you want and how to get it. You will begin to shift in your identification with who you really are, your true purpose and craft a vision for this season of your life. As a result you will experience more meaning, more loving relationships and more success.

More Mastery...

Your life works to the extinct that it aligns with the laws and principles of the Universe. You were programmed to have a life that works when you know how to master the laws that governs it. Life is a mystery that you unfold through mastery. We will show you how master and actualize these laws in your everyday life to bring you more love, more peace, more abundance more joy.

More Magic...

There’s a realm of infinite possibilities that is waiting for you to step into. Through this program we will show you how to elevate your thinking, open your heart to create the life you want. In Doing Less and Being More you will activate a magical life of love, abundance and success. And you know what they say about magic…you can’t turn off magic!

My Approach

For over 3 decades, I’ve help individuals achieve personal power in their lives.  There’s one thing that has remained the same: we all want something meaningful to do, someone to love and something to look forward to.  As we get older, these things become more real for us than ever before. I’ve discovered that we still have dreams that we want to see fulfilled. They’ve just shifted a little because the truth is… so have we. We don’t want to be rushed to keep up with every new trend that comes a long. We don’t want to be so attached to a “to do list” that we miss precious moments in our lives. I’ve discovered a new approach to success. I call it “Success Redefined.”  It has become no longer about me chasing dreams or success, but a searched for truth and meaning. What opened up for me was a life of Doing Less and Being More. As a result of this new philosophy,  I’ve had more opportunities, more success and infinite possibilities to unfold and open up for me. Now, I’ve taken what I’ve learned and I’m teaching it to others in my Awakened Life Mastermind Program. So If you’re ready for more meaning, more mastery and more magic in your life; if you’re ready to play a bigger game in your life/business; and if you want a life and career that matters; this is an invitation for you to join me and others in The VIP Awakened Life Mastermind Program.

The Program

Create a Life & Career That Matters…

  • Discover Your Truth, Your Purpose and Your Authentic Message for the World.
  • Maximize The Awakened Life Mastery System to Create an Incubator for Optimum Success.
  • Breakthrough & Dismantle Past Unconscious Beliefs/Patterns That Have Blocked & Prevented You From Experiencing Success in Your Relationships, Your Career, Your Finances and Your Health.
  • Learn the 4 Pillars to Success to Gain Momentum in Building Your Dreams, Creating More Money and Experiencing More Love.
  • Create a Career That Serves as a Container for Your Highest Level Being in the World.
  • Create a 12 Month Dream Builder Blueprint, Eliminate Overwhelm From Your Life Through the Magic of Doing Less and Being More.

A 12 Month Powerful Experience Includes:

  • Weekly One-on-One Private Sessions w/ Angela (Valued: $30,000)
  • 6-Live Retreats/Trainings and Events (Valued: $15,000)
  • Special Awakened Life Box (Valued $20,000)

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